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Fusion Sushi Combination

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Sushi Combo A* $28.00 each
15 pieces sushi and California roll.

Sushi Combo B* $22.00 each
12 pieces sushi and tuna* roll.

Sashimi Combo A* $28.00 each
23 pieces chef choice sashimi.

Sashimi Combo B* $22.00 each
15 pieces chef choice sashimi.

Unagi Don $21.00 each
Fresh water eel broiled with BBQ eel sauce.

Takka Don* $19.00 each
Raw tuna* on top of rice.

Chirashi* $19.00 each
Mix sashimi on top of rice.

Fusion VIP Boat* (For Four) $105.00 each
20 pieces of nigiri, 30 pieces of sashimi and 4 chef's choice rolls.

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