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Seafood Dynamite Roll $13.00 each
Cucumber, avocado and crab meat, Topped w/ bake fish mix mayo, masago and scallions.

Captain Crunch Roll $11.00 each
Tuna, escolar, avocado and panko deep fried W/ spicy mayo and eel sauce

Shrimp tempura and avocado inside, topped w/eel and eel sauce.

NINJA ROLL $15.00 each
Tuna, escolar, spicy crab and cucumber inside, spicy mayo and eel sauce.

ROCK N ROLL $10.00 each
Tuna and jalapeno inside, topped w/spicy tuna.

Spicy Redhead Roll $13.00 each
Yellowtail, cucumber and cream cheese. Topped w/ tuna and Jalapenos, garlic ponzu, japanese pepper flakes and scallions

Super Duper Roll $12.00 each
Cooked salmon, eel, avocado topped w/crunchies, masago and eel sauce.

Squid salad, seaweed salad and crab salad.

Volcano special $13.00 each
Shrimp tempura, tuna, wakame and cream cheese top w/avocado and bake chop white fish, spicy mayo, crab meat and special sauce.

TUNA COCKTAIL $12.00 each
Cubed tuna in special sauce and seaweed salad.

SALMON LEMON $10.00 each
Crab, avocado and cucumber, topped w/salmon and lemon.

ROYAL FUSION $17.00 each
Panko fried labster tail w/cucumber and crab topped w/red tobiko, masago, eel sauce and sweet chili sauce.

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