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Hibachi Kids Special
(Under 12 Yrs old Only)
Serve with Shrimp Appetizer, Ch. Broth Soup (Not For To-Go), Salad, Veg, Steam Rice or Fried Rice and Dessert (Not For To-Go).
Kids entrees may be shared for additional $2.00 (Limit sharing to one person per entree.)
Including soup, salad, veg, dessert and steam rice or fried rice.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Chicken $9.95 each

Shrimp $10.95 each

Salmon $10.95 each

Scallop $10.95 each

Filet Mignon* $13.95 each

NY Strip* $11.95 each

Ribeye* $11.95 each

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